Things you would like to know about upcoming iPhone 8

With the release date of iPhone 8 is closer and closer, the involved characteristics of this phone are a little bit confirmed. Today several manufacturers of mobile phone case come up with their own samples. Two foreign mobile phone accessories manufacturers Yesgo and Olixar have made the iPhone 8 case samples, and some people use them to do a match with the so-called “the closest real machine” iPhone 8 model, it’s basically strict fit.


Various mobile phone shells from these two companies are partial heavy design of the all-inclusive style, just like rumors. Packaged full-screen iPhone 8 is securely protected by these phone cases, while the bottom is still with two speaker holes and a lightning interface, side part with power button. The volume key is wrapped up. The back is the most critical: vertical double lens, no other openings, indicating fingerprint identification is placed at the bottom of the screen.


In addition to these two foreign brands of thick plastic shell, there is a red leather flip phone case also showed these characteristics. Who are looking forward to the closer iPhone 8 precise appearance and size, are not only enthusiastic users, but also related mobile accessories industry chain manufactures.


Although the iPhone case is small and cheap, it will be a big business in future. Apple will give some of the accessories manufacturers some of the iPhone 8 specifications so that they start early, but they will sign a strict confidentiality agreement. More of those accessories factories have no such treatment of the parts, if you can get the new iPhone precision size ahead of schedule, means that your products can be listed earlier than other competitor (even release at the same time with the iPhone 8), which will cause accessories manufacturers opportunity. Those followers can only start mold manufacturing after iPhone 8 is launched, and it at least takes a few weeks for their products to be able to user.


So the rumor flowing out of factory has become the most valuable information to form an exposure of the industrial chain. The current iPhone 8 machine model according to the factory rumors and the so-called CAD drawings to create, credibility should have been high, all the information points to a comprehensive screen and vertical double lens and other information.


IPhone 8 will be release soon, and the appearance is basically too much to be exposed without suspense. The top and the border to do more narrow, screen accounted for more, the overall beauty is self-evident. So for users who very care of phone, the mobile phone case must have been essential. Then after putting on a phone case what the iPhone 8 will look like?


Through the machine model to see, iPhone 8 is perfect combined with the phone shell, and the phone shell is likely to be designed based on the leaked iPhone 8 CAD picture. From the phone shell opening position you can see that iPhone 8 will be equipped with a vertical dual camera, longer power button has a greater improvement than the previous mobile phone products.


A Japanese company called Momo had thought of using a sophisticated smart phone case to help parents achieve remote control of the child’s smartphone. This phone shell is called OTOMOS, its inventor claims that this high-tech mobile phone shell fit upcoming iPhone 8, and it will effectively prevent children from indulging in mobile devices. Momo plans to begin selling the phone shell in Japan in August this year.


If you want to make the phone without scratches, perfect, not afraid of throwing and broken, many people will buy a thick cell phone case to the phone sets. But this will be very difficult to plug into the pocket, plug into phone stand or one hand operate is very troublesome. But now there is a mobile phone shell can be a perfect solution to this problem, which is Mous Limitless ultra-thin phone shell. This phone case uses of military-grade technology, with ordinary mobile phone shell of the ultra-thin thickness, not yet lose excellent protection performance similar to those giant mobile phone shell, completely eliminate the original concerns when you buy iPhone fear of falling.


This phone case uses a scientific developed the “smart material” – Airo Shock, with the protection of this material, Mous Limitless phone shell can disperse the falling impact to protect the phone. It is not just for the ordinary fall from the table accidentally, it also passed the 45-foot fall test (about 13.7 meters), and that is, if your iPhone fell from the third floor you also do not need to worry about. Because the edge of the phone shell has raised design, even if the screen is down drop it has no problem. In short, from the data, Mous Limitless only increased on phone a thickness of 2 mm and 42 grams of weight, while you to reduce the psychological burden that immeasurable.


There are currently special adapter models for iPhone 6, 6s, and 7. The manufacture announced it will release iPhone 8 versions soon. Moreover, it also ensures that all interfaces can be used flexibly, so you do not have to remove the phone case when you access any charger, phone holder, or other accessory. In addition, it is equipped with a One-Touch sucker, on this way the phone on almost any plane can be firmly sucked like a magnificent stone.


You can also have a look at the newest phone case for iPhone 8 released by Cell Phone Age com. It is with unique wallet style design, with card holder layer, very multi-functional case.

The newest prices of different versions of iPhone 6 plus

With the China version iPhone 6 Plus to get the network license, October 17 officially on sale, the most concerned China licensed version by many Chinese Apple fans is also ready to market. China is not the first batch of listed models, while such as the Hong Kong version, the US version, Japan and other regions and country’s iPhone 6 Plus has been in full distribution. So many Chinese friends through a variety of ways to buy the US version, Japanese version, Hong Kong version of iPhone 6 Plus. Today’s article by Cell Phone Age com is a comparison of the differences between the world’s most representative iPhone 6 Plus. Hope it will help you on purchase by offering related references on current prices of different versions.


Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus network support capabilities have been improved to meet the global LTE 4G international roaming, to achieve the whole network. In addition, the various versions will be due to exchange rates and other issues, resulting in prices are also different. Then Cell Phone Age com wills analysis on user price, network standard and warranties these three aspects that most concerned by users. Now the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus each have two versions of the model, you can basically divided them as we often say that the US version, Hong Kong version, Japanese version and the China version, the most commonly used models on mobile devices market.


US version

The United States has a number of operators, and more well-known AT & T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile, the first three basic contracts machine-based, and official website and direct sales of non-lock version of T-Mobile-based. The following discussion only has no lock and no contract version. T-Mobile US version of the iPhone 6 16GB/64GB/128GB capacity price of 649/749/849 USD, while the iPhone 6 Plus for 749/849/949 USD, according to the exchange rate to RMAB, it is about iPhone 6 to 4000/4600 / 5200 RMB, while the iPhone 6 Plus for the 4600/5200/5900 RMB. Of course, this is the price of no taxes. No matter what way to buy, at least it spends more than 500 RMB to Chinese users.


On network version, the US version of the bare version of the lock version of the GSM version of the iPhone6 (A1549), iPhone 6 Plus (A1522), that is, we often say that no lock T-Mobile version, does not support CDMA and TD-LTE, Use mobile 2G, Unicom 2G, 3G and some 4G (FDD) network, this version is more suitable for Unicom users to buy. Model CDMA version of the iPhone6 (A1549), iPhone 6 Plus (A1522), the example is the AT & T and Verizon version, to support the CDMA network, because the US law does not prohibit 4G mobile phone network, so in the country can use mobile 2G, Unicom 2G, 3G, telecommunications 3G and 4G (FDD) network, more suitable for domestic Unicom and telecommunications users to buy. Included Sprint’s no-lock version has been confirmed to be all Netcom, take-all mobile Unicom Telecom 2G, 3G, 4G network.


Japan version

Japan’s Direct Store and official website sales of non-lock version called SimFree, not the operator customization. The Japanese version of iPhone 6 16GB/64GB/128GB capacity price of 67800/79800/89800 yen, while the iPhone 6 Plus for the 79800/89800/99800 yen, according to the exchange rate to RMB is about iPhone 6 for the 3700/4500/5100 RMB, while the iPhone 6 Plus for the 4500/5100/5700 RMB. These prices do not contain consumption tax, so buyers need to pay 8% of the consumption tax.


The Japanese unlocked open iPhone 6 version is model A1586, iPhone 6 Plus is A1524, hardware supports including CDMA, TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE, including the whole network standard, no lock case In the country to achieve the whole Netcom (Mobile Unicom Telecom 2G, 3G, 4G). For the time being, the Japanese version of the lockless version is the most affordable and able to perfectly support the three major carriers of the domestic network version.


Hong Kong version

1, Hong Kong version of the iPhone 6 16GB/64GB/128GB capacity price of 5588/6388/7188 Hong Kong dollars, while the iPhone 6 Plus for the 6388/7188/8088 Hong Kong dollars, according to the exchange rate conversion for the iPhone 6 for the 4500/5100/5700 RMB While the iPhone 6 Plus is 5100/5700/6400 RMB.


On the network, the Hong Kong version is unlocked, model for the iPhone 6 (A1586), iPhone 6 Plus (A1524), hardware supports all Netcom, CDMA network hardware infrastructure is also supported. But because there is no CDMA operator in Hong Kong, the default is soft shield, you need to add operator profiles before it be supported. HK version supports China Mobile & China Unicom 2G, 3G, 4G, telecommunications. Chine Telecom 3G, 4G is not supported by default.


China version

Apple’s official website announced that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on October 17 officially opened in the Chinese mainland market. IPhone 6/6 Plus has a 16/64 /128GB capacity version, and a silver / gold / dark gray three versions for the user to choose. Which iPhone 6 price of 5288/6088/6888 RMB; iPhone 6 Plus priced at 6088/6888/7788 RMB.


In the price China version has no advantage, but easy to direct warranty is the biggest advantage. In addition, the most exciting is the China version is able to achieve the whole network including Chine Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom which means that you will be free to replace the network among them. But China version castrates Facetime audio call function, while still keeps Hong Kong version nine grid keyboard.


Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus Refurbished that was originally released by Cell Phone Age com in September 2015 at amazing ups prices. Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus 64GB is with SIM-Free and Model A1687 5.5-inch Retina HD display.

Mobile phone touchscreen swimming waterproof bag

Seal ability of mobile phone waterproof bag is very good so that you can be assured to take a mobile phone when swimming and diving. And across the waterproof bag touchscreen is very sensitive. When playing on the beach or swimming and diving carrying a cell phone is a troublesome thing, but with this magic mobile phone partner, you can put the phone into the waterproof bag to take it anywhere you go. Meanwhile in water you can take pictures and videos without worrying about water damage to phone, that’s really very practical.


This phone waterproof bag is designed in ergonomic theory, so whether it is touch feel or grip both are very comfortable, translucent rate is also very high. In water with it you can also be free to play the phone. Mobile phone waterproof bag capacity is relatively large, can be suitable for a variety of sizes of mobile phone brands. The waterproof performance is very good, you can reach up to 20 meters below water surface, and it is especially suitable for diving.


Mobile phone waterproof bag is equipped with a double insurance safe waterproof lock, waterproof ability is excellent compared to normal ones. When playing or swimming in water you do not have to worry about mobile phone waterproof bag will be disengaged. Waterproof bag screen design is relatively wide that can cover the entire vision of the mobile phone display screen. With it you can also be easy to take photos and record videos.


With features of intelligent lighting and waterproof even if in seabed you can also be easy to operate and anytime, anywhere to observe the status of the phone, light bar can prevent the phone from losing. Mobile phone waterproof bag capacity is relatively large, you can place a lot of small debris, and the use of shoulder bag design is portable and also particularly convenient. Mobile phone waterproof bag to carry is special convenience. You can use hanging neck or tied to the arm these two ways, very flexible and free, waterproof is also very tight.


Mobile phone plays a very important role in our daily life. In case accidentally phone drops off water, it must be the result of tragedy. This lesson tells you buy a mobile phone protective weapon waterproof bag. Waterproof phone bags with a unique vacuum design, close to the phone touch screen, is not only waterproof, but also easy to underwater camera.


It is said that now when go to island tour mobile phone waterproof cover is essential. Such a small bag, the price is not expensive, but known as within 10 meters under level, it is 100% does not leak. So even underwater you can also normal play your phone easily. However this mobile phone equipment is really waterproof? Take you to understand the truth of the phone waterproof bag.


After doing some tests on different brands, it proves that not every phone waterproof bag can reach the magical effect of waterproof and moisture-resistant promoted by commercial advertisement. According to the experimental results, those waterproof bags with lots of sealing stripes and thick texture will be better performance on protecting phone from water. But if the water soaks for too long time or too large is the water pressure, even the best waterproof sets can’t prevent water into phone. So it is best to avoid using the phone in water for too long. And if it is in the surrounding water environment, the use of mobile phone waterproof cover, for safety reasons, before use, you’d better do a waterproof test, check the seal of the waterproof bag to see whether there is damage around.


A sales of mobile phone waterproof bag dealer told reporters, as an external waterproof equipment, mobile phone waterproof bag waterproof effect can only be considered general. “Consumers in the purchase of the best choice to seal more, thick texture of the waterproof bag, the effect will be better, but even so, if the water soak for too long, or water pressure is large, it is easy to water The situation, so it is best not to use the phone in the water. “Finally, he reminded the public to do before the waterproof test, and check the waterproof bag is damaged, especially the seal and around. After use, to check the four corners and sealing do not continue to use at high temperatures. When used in water, if you need to remove the phone, to seal down.


Reporters learned that July and August is usually the peak sales of mobile phone waterproof bags, although after the beginning of autumn the sales of waterproof bags have been reduced, but the overall sales situation is still good. In a well-known shopping site, the reporter entered the “mobile phone waterproof bag” for search, the result is nearly 5,000 pieces of items on sale, and the price is low as 5 USD. Reporters found that each shop has claimed that their products can be 100% waterproof, and some businesses are playing “water depth of 10 meters or less” such conditions. In addition to waterproof, there are businesses claim that their own waterproof bags with a bag touch screen operation, underwater camera and other functions. On Cell Phone Age com the monthly sales of waterproof bags is over 1000 pieces.