Evaluation of iPad 3 compared to surface RT

 After looking at the contrast between the iPad mini and Nexus 7, you can see the 7-inch tablet PC market has ushered in a new round of fierce war. In the small size of tablet PC market which Jobs did not care about the Nexus7 was born, so as kindle which have a very attractive charm. And in the iPad to dominate the years of 9.7-inch large-scale tablet PC market there is also not necessarily an iPad alone can sit tightly on NO.1 position. For example, the recent advertising overwhelming Microsoft Surface is a large size product, and then what different is it from iPad?


We take the current iPad 3 and Surface RT for a comparison, the reason why not use the latest iPad 4 (fourth generation iPad short), because in the current domestic iPad 4 is not licensed. The new iPad 4 updates to the A6 processor, the other side interface was changed to Lightning, and the rest is the same with the iPad 3. IPad 3 is currently a large inventory, after reducing price its cost efficiency is also very high, and have a high purchase value.


Appearance contrast: “black man characteristics” and “pure white feminine”

In fact, iPad is also a black frame, but pure white iPad is the most consistent with the characteristics of Apple’s product quality, so we brought a white version of iPad for comparison; Microsoft surface RT shell color is not called black, in the official His color on the site is called dark gray silver. There have been friends that Apple’s product looks softer, it is not enough “man”. Perhaps in the hearts of many users have angular products seem fortunate to have a sense of men. But there are friends that “normal men like bitch”, of course, this argument is also a matter of opinion, just let everyone a music only.


IPad 3 external use of silver-white magnesium alloy shell, because it is the metal primary color so it is very texture, simple and refreshing is the iPad to bring the strongest feeling. Surface RT also uses an alloy shell, the external layer of glue spray, this design is to enhance the feel and friction, black appearance appears to be low-key calm, highlighting the business. iPad 3 fuselage edge has a beautiful arc, rounded curved back shell makes hand feeling smooth and comfortable; surface is a corner of the trail, corner feel no iPad comfortable, but this shape There are many users like.


Because the back of the arc because the iPad 3 looks thinner than the surface RT, in fact, the thickness of the two are almost the same, iPad 3 body thickness of 9.4mm, Surface RT body thickness of 9.3mm. If you have an iPhone 4 / 4s (9.3mm), you can try to imagine. In addition the weight of the two are similar, iPad 3 weight of 652g, Surface 676g, it was said that the surface of the screen is 10.6 inches, this weight is very commendable, so really so?


Screen contrast: retina screen is still advantaged

Surface RT screen size is 10.6 inches IPS screen, maximum support 5 touch, the screen the best resolution of 1366 × 768. Surface RT this screen ratio is 16: 9, compared to 4: 3 iPad for its actual visual area or an advantage. iPad screen width 14.8 cm, 19.7 cm high, an area of 291.6 square centimeters, surface screen width of 23.4 cm, 13.2 cm high, an area of 308.7 square centimeters. The actual area exceeds about 17.6 square centimeters, about 6%.


Both are IPS screens, so the viewing angle is almost exactly the same. iPad screen ratio of 4: 3, in the web browsing is very advantageous, vertical can see more class capacity. And the surface RT is the same as the notebook 16: 9, this screen ratio is more suitable for horizontal browsing (win8 metro basic are horizontal browsing), 16: 9 relatively more suitable for movies and photo browsing, this is indeed 4: 3 screen short board.


In order to better support the Win8 system, Surface RT uses the mainstream 1366 × 768 resolution, and compared to iPad 2048 × 1536 resolution the gap is great. Surface RT resolution ppi is 147, while the iPad ppi is reached 264. So if close to check you will see the screen particles. On screen color and viewing angle Surface RT is can be on an equal footing with iPad 3, the only difference is the resolution and delicate degree. For Surface the main reason for not use of ultra-high resolution is that it is not supported by the windows system itself, in the high-resolution Windows system font, the icon of the pixels will not be as IOS fusion, so it looks very small.


Camera contrast: Surface is not enough to understand the “national conditions”

Starting from the iPad 3, the rear camera pixel has been greatly improved, iPad 3 from the iPad 2 70 million pixels suddenly upgrade to 500 million pixels. For the reason why a substantial increase in the rear camera, because some users when going outside will use iPad to take pictures, and iPad camera shooting is very good, so the back camera is also a very important selling point.


Surface RT in this regard is too weak, when a variety of tablet have more than 500W pixels, it has chosen 720P rear and front camera, which is about 100W pixels, the front for the chat camera with the iPad 130W pixel camera is almost the same, but the rear 100W camera used to take pictures is some not enough sincerity. Perhaps Microsoft did not think the user will take this product to take pictures of it. We know that the effect of the camera is not only concerned about the pixels, as well as the aperture size, photographic element area and so on factors, then we take a look at the actual results.


Today’s iPad series of products is already very mature, whether it is the appearance of work, or the internal system both have reached the industry’s top level. At present the price for Used Apple iPad 3 64GB is only $189.91 on Cell Phone Age com.

Year-end hot shopping fingertips monkeys


2017 year-end shopping season is slowly approaching, there is a toy boom is also swept from online market – fingertips monkeys. The same as their name, the fingertip monkey is a small puppet robot, kids can put it on fingers, and the retail price is only about 15 dollars. The fingertips monkeys are made by WowWee, which is a 34-year-old intelligent interactive toy brand, and has always been committed to put technology into toys. Headquartered in Hong Kong, in the United States, Canada are equipped with branches. The beginning of only the lovely little monkey style has now been extended to some rare animals such as single-legged.


Fingerlings monkey is a touch-type smart toys, can be wrapped at the fingertips, make a different action. It has up to 50 kinds of behavioral movements, both spoiled and acting cute can be easily achieved. Shake them, kiss them, even Hang them up, they will give you lovey response, always witty aware of what you want. Wal-Mart listed Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey as the most popular toy type, and the survey is for children between the ages of 1.5 and 12 years old. Amazon also summed up the list of 2017 holiday the most popular 10 toys, of which fingertips monkey ranked the first.


Mia is the toy’s name and it’s curious about the giant world around! Mia is a purple monkey with soft white hair who loves hanging onto your finger and knows when she is being pet, talked to, and even hung upside down! Fingerlings are adorable baby monkeys that are curious about the world around them—starting with you! These interactive pets love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble! They come in a variety of colours including white, black, pink, purple, blue and turquoise. Adopt them all and have even more fun monkeying around!


This toy trend seems unusually strong, in Instagram and Boomerang there are a lot of search. Huge demand and symbol of “popular toys”, for the fingertips monkeys brought a lot of sales, as some models have been sold out, while Gigi the Unicorn is one of them. If you also want to buy a fingertip monkey, you may have to wait in line, or spend more money on eBay to buy. For example, a purple fingernail monkey named Mia because the local retailers have been sold, and the price has been raised by third-party sellers around $ 20, and only accepts reservations.


While the fingertips monkey sold in full swing, WowWee has launched a fingertip unicorn. According to CNN Money reports, fingertip unicorn market demand is very high. Many parents complained about the amazing sales speed of fingertips monkeys in Facebook (they had no time to buy as all sold out), and the high price of online third party sellers. If the 2016 year-end shopping season is the world of Hatchimals toy, then 2017 is definitely the world of fingertips monkey.


“The fingertip monkey is a brand new toy and it will be one of the most important toys in the year-end shopping season, and they are definitely the most popular,” said Juli Lennett, industry analyst at NPD’s toy industry. Fingertips monkeys launched in August, September detonated list, and quite full of past year’s the fingertips gyro style. According to the manufacturer Wowwee said there are six different fingertips monkeys (Bella, Boris, Finn, Mia, Sophie and Zoe) for people to choose, the initial price of about $ 15 each.


It is reported that the fingertips monkey manufacturer Wowwee has submitted 28 US trademark applications on the FINGERLINGS, and in some other countries, the application of appearance on the fingertips monkeys has also been authorized to obtain the appearance of protection. However, now in the eBay market, in addition to Wowwee we can still find some other sellers and brand sales of fingertips monkey products, patent-related issues should also lead to export seller’s attention.


Since the launch in August, the average number of single reviews on fingertips monkeys has risen quickly, and the peak has reached an average of 87 comments on each item. After September 15, after a large number of new goods began to rush into the market, the average number of comments was declined, as fierce new competition is coming. But from the data indicators, the current market potential is still huge, very worthy of the majority of export sellers to further development.


At present one of top-rated seller is offering Fingerlings Monkey Interactive Baby Toy for sale. Item ships from warehouse in China and will take 2-6 weeks to arrive.